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Is slipping out during sex normal?

Adonijah Nziwa
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Slipping out the penis can spoil the mood of the night. However, there is no reason to panic if your penis keeps slipping out whenever you are making to him. 

Women love it when men master the tricks to keep the fire burning during sex. You need to familiarise yourself with the different tactics to keep your penis functioning properly while making love to her. 

Here are ways to deal with the penis slipping out whenever you are having steamy sex. 

Be realistic in your expectations: If your expectations during sex are skewed then there are high chances you will end up with the penis slipping out over time. Make sure you become realistic about the things you expect to happen when in the bedroom.

Size does not matter: Do not assume that the penis is too big or her vagina is too small whenever the penis slips out in the middle of the act. The size of the two does not matter when it comes to slipping out. In simple terms, it is a normal experience that you need to embrace.

Master the basics first: First-time sex can be boring if you do not have certain skills. The penis will keep slipping out repeatedly. Make sure you have mastered the basics in order to avoid the embarrassment that is likely to arise whenever you are making love to her.

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