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Is your girl a virgin? 3 signs she is not

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Virginity in women is no longer considered a sacred thing in our society. Being a virgin is actually laughable as this shows a woman is not exposed. However, there are those ladies who are virgins and they love it that way. Distinguishing virgins and non-virgins is very hard and cannot be checked at behaviorally. Here are best ways to distinguish whether a woman is a virgin or non-virgin:

Testing for STIs

If a woman goes for STI tests, she has had sex. A woman who goes for such tests are afraid of infections as she has had unprotected sexual intercourse. A virgin will not need to be tested as these infections are not airborne.

Birth control pills

Well, you wouldn’t see a virgin taking birth control pills right? A woman who has these pills in her purse means she had unprotected sex and afraid of getting unplanned pregnancy.

Medical examination

The best way to determine whether a woman is still virgin or not. It should be noted that virginity is not only lost through sex, but a lady can also lose her virginity through use of sex toys.

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