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Jubilee MP defies DP Ruto in a secret meeting

Jackson O'Mogeni

[Deputy President William  Ruto in a past event. He is said to have engaged in shouting contest with a Rift Valley MP. Photo/Nation]

Moiben MP Silas Tiren reportedly refused to resign as Agriculture Committee chairman despite instructions from Deputy President William Ruto, reports the Sunday Standard.

In a meeting at a Nairobi Hotel on Thursday, the DP had sought to mend fences with his Rift Valley allies, only it to turn to shouting match between the DP and Tiren.

Also under pressure to drop their chairmanship positions in parliament are Afred Keter (Nandi Hills and Bowen Kangongo of Marakwet East.

"The DP had asked Tiren to resign from Agriculture committee but he vowed not to insisting he was elected by people," claimed a MP who spoke in confidence.

Confirming the stormy meeting, Kangongo said: "I attended the meeting but nothing was agreed about in relation to relinquishing our leadership positions."

The DP is struggling to quell tension in his backyard at the same time engaging in a cold war with President Uhuru Kenyatta over cabinet appointments.

As a scheme to cement his 2022 chances, Ruto is understood to be fronting certain individuals to cabinet posts.

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