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Kabogo: This is how I made my billions

Jackson O'Mogeni
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William Kabogo with one of his many helicopters. [Photo/Softkenya]

Ex-Kiambu governor William Kabogo has bashed his critics who argue that he enriched himself through unscrupulous illicit drug deals and massive corruption.

While condemning corruption scandals that have eclipsed President Uhuru Kenyatta's leadership, Kabogo accused sections of 'lazy' Kenyans of using unjustified means to make money.

"It is sad that some cartels are making Uhuru's leadership look like a corruption free zone. They just believe that only stealing can make someone rich.

"When some of these people get appointments, they are such poor but within minimal time, you'd even think they have been working for years," he said at an interview with Citizen TV.

Asked on how he made his wealth, Kabogo said he is a 'hard working Kenyan' who tried his luck in car dealing business.

"I am a hard working Kenyan. I have never sold illicit drugs. Most of my wealth was accumulated through car dealing business. I used to import many of them from Japan and that is how I made it," he said.

He further added: "Those doubting can make reference to my wealth declaration forms. I am genuine in what I have."

At the moment, the former Juja MP is one of the richest elites from Mt. Kenya region and he is believed to be scheming for presidency.

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