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Kanu chickens out of Baringo South ‘derby’

Esther Kabui
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Kanu chairman Gideon Moi in a past event. [Photo/Plive]

The Kenya African National Union (Kanu) party has pulled out of the Baringo South by-election meaning the Jubilee candidate will have a walkover.

The by-election had been dubbed the Gideon Moi-William Ruto derby.

Kanu said Jubilee had played dirty tricks and lured their candidate to its side.

Kanu secretary general Nick Salat said their candidate Charles Kamuren crossed over to Jubilee.

"I have not received Kamuren's resignation. Kanu will not field a candidate as the ideal one whom the party would have fielded was manipulated by political forces from Jubilee Party to abandon Kanu,” Salat said.

Kamuren jumped ship into Jubilee and won the party’s nominations.

The secretary general also claimed that Kanu is supporting president Uhuru Kenyatta and therefore cannot oppose his party’s candidate.

“Kanu does not wish to engage in political competition that is likely to divide the country at a time efforts are being made to unite Kenyans following bitter political competition in 2017,” said Salat.

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