The International Criminal Court at the Hague. [Photo/]

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Kenya returns to the ICC on Monday thanks to its maritime border dispute with her neighbor Somalia and its push for a referral of cases to the Assembly of State Parties.

Cooperation of member states with the ICC will be an item of deliberation and the referral of Kenya is expected to feature in that deliberation.

Kenya will also have a date with the United Nation's International Court of Justice because of a long-running dispute between Somalia and Kenya.

The court delivered a ruling on February 2 that it had the jurisdiction to hear the dispute and that Somalia's application was admissible.

If Somalia gets a favorable ruling, that could also affect Kenya's maritime border with Tanzania.

Kenya's attorney general Githu Muigai has maintained that Somalia does not have a case.

This will not be the first time that the country has been taken to international institutions of justice.

The president and his deputy were arraigned at the Hague-based court over alleged human rights violations.