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Kenyans to pay for ID replacement

Wagema Felista
ID cards to be collected by owners at the Molo sub-county registration office. [Photo/GeorgeItava]

The government will start charging all those who lose their identity cards.

According to a circular seen by this writer, the government will charge Sh100 to anyone replacing his identity card.

Director of National Registration Reuben Kimotho, through the circular, has directed sub-county Registration Officers to implement the directive.

"Please note that the Ksh.100 fee will not be applicable to young persons who are attaining the 18 years. As the manager in charge of registration of persons in the sub-county, you must exercise accountability, you will personally be held responsible for any mishandling or misappropriation of the revenue,” the circular reads.

The new move will take effect from March 15, 2018.

George Mosoti, who was replacing his ID at the Molo sub-county, said the new move is a 'punishment' by the government.

"It seems now because the government is broke it wants to impoverish its citizens," Mosoti said.

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