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Ladies love spanking, how good is your man at it

Ouru David
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Spanking is one of the hottest experiences ladies value in bedroom. This is because ladies feel so much aroused when spanked. It creates a nice feeling especially during the love making. 

However, very few men engage in this act and this reduces the sensation that comes with being spanking. On the other side, those who does it rarely do this well as expected.

So where does it normally go wrong during spanking in the bedroom and how can this skill be enhanced? The following are tips on how good spanking is done.

Always change the hand positions

We all know the boredom that comes with doing one thing throughout and the new feeling that comes with doing something different. In this case, you need to vary the way you spank your woman to make the experience more pleasurable. You can do this by varying the amount of fingers used on her butt.You can as well cup your hands to change the experience a bit.

Avoid hard spanks

When spanking is done hard it can causes bruises and take away sensation and pleasure that comes with it. It is rather advisable to start in a bit slow manner as you work your way up to a bit hard spanks as you keenly watch her reaction. Doing it slowly by slowly as you change the rhythm would help heighten the pleasure as you get down to a more vigorous make out.

Caress her to cool the pressure

It is not easy knowing how it feels when spanking someone especially on the sensitive parts. Therefore to avoid any discomfort that might arise due to spanking, some little touches are recommendable to cool down any pain.

Therefore, if you follow these few tips be assured she will enjoy the pleasure and sensation that comes with spanking.

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