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Landlord sends away unmarried tenants

Wycliffe Mongare
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A tenant vacating an apartment. [Photo/Daily Nation]

A land lord from Nyanchwa area in Kisii County on Tuesday evening left many in shock after he sent away unmarried tenants. 

The landlord identified as Evans Raini said that he nolonger wants singles in his apartments.

He accused them of turning his flats into lodgings. 

"I have issued a vacating notice to all the tenants as they are now turning this place into a lodging," he said. 

 He said that majority of the menwho he had given notice were partying almost on daily basis. 

"I only see them when they have a companion but the rest of the days the houses are closed," he said. 

He threatened to move to court if the tenants failed to vacate. 

Tenants led by James Sagini, said that they will not move out and also threatened to take the matter to court. 


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