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Magufuli's U-turn sets pace for Uhuru, Raila

Jackson O'Mogeni

[Raila Odinga with John Magufuli in a past event. The Tanzanian President ironed out differences with opposition leader Edward Lowassa. Photo/Dennis]

The decision by Tanzanian President John Magufuli to embrace his main challenger Edward Lowassa is an eye opener for President Uhuru Kenyatta, says Gideon Mamboleo.

In unlikely turn of events, Magufuli met Lowassa on Wednesday, whom he defeated in closely contested 2016 election and pledged to work together.

And Mamboleo, a governance expert says Uhuru should emulate Magufuli and pave way for dialogue with Raila Odinga.

"Magufuli made it clear that for a country to proper, those in government and opposition ought to work together.

"The move was a wake up call for Uhuru and Raila. Time has come for them to share table and iron out outstanding issues," he says.

Ironically, Lowassa is a staunch supporter of Uhuru while Magufuli is a close associate of Raila Odinga.

A defiant Raila insists that he will take oath of office, a move that has created anxiety within the country that is yet to heal from bitter electoral contest.

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