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Maliti inspects construction of Kivandini road

Cyprian Muthoka

Machakos county Deputy Governor Engineer Francis Maliti during an inspection of Masinga road. (Photo/Cyprian Muthoka/

Machakos county Deputy Governor Engineer Francis Maliti has asked Kivandini residents in Kangundo to be patient with the County government as it is working on constructing a road that will connect to Masinga.

Maliti who was speaking when he inspected the progress of Kivandini-Masinga road which the Government of Machakos County is currently constructing said that the project is aimed at easing transport of people and goods within the area.

"Our machines and personnel are back on the ground with repairing of the earlier processed base commencing. Tarmacking from Kilometre 2 starts next week," said Maliti.

Maliti further claimed that the road is one of many the County is building using the Maendeleo Chap Chap ideology.

" Under this program, the county acquired machines and hired qualified personnel to help fast-track improvement of road infrastructure cost effectively. The results have been amazing with tarmacking of Kathiani-Kakuyuni-Kangundo road and grading of feeder roads across the county testament to this," added Maliti.

The road will cost the County Government approximately Sh3.3million and will be completed within a period of 12 months.

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