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Man beaten by wife, seeks intervention from village elders

Mary Kemz
A husband and wife having an argument in front of children. [Photo/]

A 45-year-old man is seeking help from village elders to find solution over persistent battering by his wife in front of children.

Mr. Peter Otwori says his wife, one Kemuma, has been going physical thus embarrassing him in front of children.

"She has been taking advantage of me and usually beats me in front of children. This habit has been recurring," he claimed.

He further said: "If elders go mum on this matter, I may be forced to cancel the marriage. It has made made under go through pain."

But on her part, Kemuma claims that the man has been irresponsible by always failing to provide for the family despite earning.

Elders are yet to give their position on the matter, which Mr. Otwori wants to be urgently determined.

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