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Man beats father-in-law

Wycliffe Mongare
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Two men fighting. [Photo/Standard]

A man has beaten his father-in-law for paying him a visit

This happened in Magena area in Kisii County on Wednesday morning. 

Those who witnessed the incident said that the man was raiding concerns why the man was beating his daughter continously. 

"The old man asked his son-in-law to explain to him why he was beating his wife and that is when they started fighting," said Eric Onkoba, a local. 

Erick further added that it was intervention of other friends and relatives that saw him stop beating up his father in-law.

However, the incident attracted a large crowd as well as area elders who have arranged a meeting to solve the matter. 

One of the area elders identified as Elijah Osoro said it was a taboo for someone to attack his son-in-law. 

"Weare planning to have a meeting so that we solve the matter. If the man curses you then you will be in for it," said Mr Osoro.

The father-in law is currently undergoing treatment at Ogembo hospital.

Asked why he opted to fight his father-in-law, the man said that his father should respect his family.

"I paid the man dowry and what he is doing in my housee is what I don't know," he said. 


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