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Man commits suicide after failing to raise daughter's fee

Eugene Awily

A rope in a suicide scenario. [Business Daily]

A man in Githurai, Nairobi, on Thursday took his life after failing to raise secondary school fees for his daughter.

John Castrol Okombo, 39, decided to take his own life after his daughter, who had landed a place at Moi Girls, could not make today’s deadline of admission due to lacks of funds.

Mr Okombo left behind a suicide note asking his mother, Margaret, to sell his share of the family piece of land and use the money to send his daughter to school.

In the handwritten suicide note, he also accused a man he only refers to as Oliver throughout the letter of conning him off Sh759,000.

“Now a year and I can’t manage to take my daughter to Form One, Olive,” addresses Mr. Okombo in the note.

 “I can’t continue living while my daughter is crying to join school.”

Mr. Okombo also asks Oliver to send the Sh759,000 he owes him to his wife so she can use it to take their daughter to school.

“My family is a long story but that’s how I have decided to end my life,” he wrote.

He left behind a widow, Jackline Oluoch, and two children, one of whom is only 4-years-old.

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