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Man found stealing beans

Dennis Chacha
A crime scene. [Photo/Standard]

Residents of Kiareni village in Marani on Wednesday bashed a man who was found stealing beans from a farm.

Residents claimed that the suspect identified as Mokwanyi was found harvesting his neighbor’s beans. 

“Mokwanyi has been stealing people’s property in the area to sell and get cash to buy chang’aa. His forty days reached and he was caught on Wednesday in broad day light harvesting his neighbor’s beans at the farm,” said Francis Ondimu, a local.

Ondimu said the farm’s owner raised alarm which saw a crowd pull at the farm within minutes.  

He said that the suspect was saved by area chief Philip Mokaya. 

"Those who responded before the chief arrived roughed him up and started beating him," he said. 

Chief Mokaya urged members of the public to stop taking the law into their hands saying crime suspects must be surrendered to the police.

“We are all protected by the law. No one is authorized to take action in his own hand. All criminals should be surrendered to police officers,” he said.

The chief said that the suspect was surrendered to Nyakoe police station. 

He also warned thieves to seize from taking what is not theirs. 

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