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Matiang'i calls out Marwa, says he is worried

Shem Beverton Mukalo

Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i. [Photo/]

Addressing 47 county commissioners today at the Kenya School of Government in Kabete, Cabinet Education Secretary called the name of the Coastal Region Commissioner Nelson Marwa, saying that he was worried about the admission numbers in the coastal region.

Of particular concern was the admission in Kwale High School which only admitted about 55 students yet it has over 100 positions.

''Nelson Marwa, I am very worried about what is happening in the coast. I have been looking at the analysis and the admission numbers are very worrying. For example in Kwale County, a school with over 100 admission slots but only 55 have reported. I have been talking to governors in the coast and they don't have the numbers,'' Matiang'i said.

Matiang'i called on the 47 county commissioners to take a keen interest in the education of children in their respective counties to ensure that there was accountability moving forward.


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