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Miguna reacts after being rejected by Nairobi county

Mwaura Muthoni
Governor Sonko and Lawyer Miguna Miguna.[Photo/]

Deported lawyer Miguna Miguna was unmoved by the Nairobi County Assembly rejection for his nomination to the vacant deputy governor position. 

According to Miguna said he had never asked to be considered for the position and neither was he consulted. 

Miguna has maintained that the job offer was a distraction and propaganda since his nomination. County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi rejected the nomination on grounds that a state officer should not hold dual citizenship. 

In his response on Twitter, Miguna’s first reaction was to respond to an angry fan who termed Ms. Elachi as ignorant. 

Miguna tweeted; “Comrade @JerotichSeii, Elachi isn’t ignorant. The choreographed malicious distractions are and have been deliberate from the beginning. The despots know that I’m a Kenyan citizen by birth and I never lost it. They haven’t tabled any credible evidence that I lost my citizenship.”

He also argued that he never asked to be considered for the deputy governor’s job.

"I don't belong to any political outfit except the #NRMKe. I was a Kenyan registered voter in 2007, 2013 and 2017. I never applied for nor considered to be @MikeSonko's deputy." 

Governor Sonko has since accepted the decision of the county assembly to reject his nominee and has stated that he shall forward the name of another suitable candidate.

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