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Miguna reveals powerful person Kenyans should resist

Omondi Otieno
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Lawyer Miguna Miguna.[Photo/]

Self proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM) general Miguna Miguna has added United States Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec to the resistance list.

In a tweet, the vocal lawyer urged opposition supporters to resist Ambassador Godec making him the fifth item on the list after the opposition also called for the boycotting of products from several companies that include; Safaricom, Brookside dairies, Bidco group and Haco Tiger brand.

"The NRM-Ke wishes to notify its generals, soldiers, supporters and patriots worldwide of the following updated boycott and resist list of companies, goods and aliens: 1. Safaricom Ltd. 2. Brookside Diaries.3. Bidco Group. 4. Haco Tiger brands. 5. Bob Godec,"Miguna posted.

Miguna hit out the ambassador stating that he should desist from interfering with Kenyan issues adding that the country was not a colony.

"To the Colonial Chief Robert Godec and other "diplomatic" tourists: Kenya isn't a colony or a protectorate; it's a sovereign country. Keep your heads down and your mouths shut as we apprehend our demagogues, despots and illegitimate election thieves," Miguna postedon his official Twitter handle.

Ambassador Godec and a number of other envoys have been a subject of cricism from the opposition after they urged former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to recognise President Kenyatta as the legitimately elected Head of State.

Speaking on Sunday, Odinga noted that the envoys were serving selfish interests.

“Their only interest is to do business at the behest of their countries. They are not interested in our democracy.” Odinga was quoted by The Nation.

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