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Mlolongo: Where men quench thirst at night

Adonijah Nziwa
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Commercial sex workers waiting for clients. [Photo/]

Mlolongo is a known destination for men who want to quench their thirst. The town has hundreds of commercial sex workers. Men part with as low as Sh100 to get high-end services, as some of the commercial sex workers would describe.

There are very high chances that you will land a prostitute doing her business in Mlolongo whenever you visit the place. The women can be seen at various spots waiting for their clients. 

At times, we are tempted to think they are waiting to see someone only to see those approaching men.  The subject of commercial sex work has been hitting headlines over years.

It is considered against African cultural beliefs to be a commercial sex worker, but the business has been thriving.  Over months, sex workers have been lamenting of being mistreated. There are men who go to the extent of raping commercial sex workers.  Some men invite prostitutes to their houses only to fail to pay them after receiving the services.

There are women who have dedicated all their time to work as commercial sex workers while others do it as part-time. It is shocking to note that some of the commercial sex workers are married. They spend their nights in the cold hoping to make some money to sort out their bills. These women live in fear of contracting HIV/AIDS but they don't have choices.

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-Adonijah Nziwa

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