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More trouble for Onyonka after saying Uhuru is in office legally

Momanyi kevin

Kitutu Chache South MP Richard Onyonka during a past event [Photo|]

More trouble looms for Kitutu Chache South MP Richard Onyonka following his recent remarks of recognizing President Uhuru Kenyatta's presidency which is against the stand of the Opposition coalition, NASA.

Samuel Migore, who is Ford Kenya Migori county chairman, has recommended that Onyonka be ejected from the party and the parliamentary committees in order secure the spirit of the National Super Alliance.

Mr Mogire termed Onyonka as a ' mole' and that he should quit the NASA coalition.

“It is also said Onyonka is deputy party leader in Ford Kenya. We don’t know when he was given that post,” he said. 

Mr Migore has since called upon Onyonka to apologise or lose his positions in NASA and Ford-K.

Mr Onyonka while speaking on behalf of MPs from Kisii and Nyamira counties at Parliament Buildings on Tuesday, said Uhuru is legally in office.

“At this time, our President is Uhuru Kenyatta. That is what the people back in my constituency know. But that doesn’t mean that there are no issues to be talked about,” he said.

He however, said he has no issues with Raila’s swearing in.

He defended his parliamentary seat on a Ford Kenya ticket after defecting from ODM. 

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