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More trouble on Nyagarama as disabled give him 24 hours to resign

Kevin Ondimu
Nyamira County Governor John Nyagarama. [Photo/Nation]

Barely two days after losing his son, Nyamira County boss John Nyagarama is yet again under pressure to resign.

The disabled workers led by Peter Patrick, accused Governor Nyagarama for colluding with the finance department to delay paying them their salaries. 

"We have not been paid our May salaries and the county also owe us salary arrears of several months. It is time Nyagarama should pack and go or we evict him from office by force," said Patrick. 

He accused county MCAs for siding with Nyagarama instead of defending them. 

"The MCAs elected in the county are lazy and poor in service delivery. They know we have not been paid our salaries but they are doing nothing. Nyamira people elected failures who must be voted out in 2022," he added.   

Patrick said it will not be business as usual if Nyagarama will not accept to resign for Nyamira people to go into the ballot again to elect a Governor who is ready to work. 

The workers on Tuesday held peaceful demonstrations saying they are dissatisfied with Nyagarama's leadership.

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