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MP denies ignoring his constituents

Kevin Ondimu
Borabu MP Ben Momanyi. [Photo/Nation]

Borabu MP Ben Momanyi has refuted claims that he has ignored residents of Chepilat in his constituency.

The MP said that he should not be blamed for the floods that occurred in the region on Monday night something that forced locals to spend the night in the cold. 

"The floods came unexpectedly and residents should not blame me because I did not know whether there could be heavy downpour to lead to floods. 

"I am committed to ensure the region has good roads with proper drainage systems to ensure no flooding rain water s diverts to people's houses," he said.

He said his political opponents should not take advantage of the natural calamities to attack him and spread propaganda about his leadership. 

"I am urging my opponents no to politicize the natural calamities such as the floods which occurred at Chepilat to gain politically. 

"Let us all join hands to ensure our people are safe and get access to affordable health care, good roads, improved security and enough food for our people," he said. 

The MP promised to send road engineers to the area to open up the road and unblock drainage system to ensure there is free flow of flooding rain waters during rainy seasons.  

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