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MP names regions Uhuru will 'punish'

Martin Murigi

Uhuru Kenyatta at past event. [Photo/Standard Digital]

President Uhuru Kenyatta will discriminate against regions that did not support his reelection, a NASA MP has said.

Walter Owino, Awendo legislator, accused Jubilee administration of being conspicuously biased against other regions save for Central Kenya and Rift Valley.

"Given that Jubilee scored poorly in NASA regions, your guess is as good as mine that when it comes to equitable development, regions like Nyanza, Western and Coast will bear the brunt," he wrote in an opinion piece published by The Standard, Thursday.

Owino claimed Uhuru treated residents in pro-NASA regions as second class citizens in his first term, saying his final term would not be any different.

"Discourse on Uhuru keen to leave a legacy is insincere. He neglected the regions knowing he would seek re-election in August so now being a man with nothing to lose, what is eminent is a legacy of bias and punishment for Opposition leaning regions that did not vote for him," he remarked.

The MP said Jubilee launched mega projects in its strongholds in the last five years leaving other regions to receive 'left overs'.

"Cane farmers in Nyanza and Western are struggling while the Jubilee administration has bailed out coffee, tea and miraa farmers in Central," Owino added.

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