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Mudavadi's aide accuses NASA of hypocrisy

Fred K.
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ANC party leader and NASA co-principal Musalia Mudavadi. His party has accused the coalition of shortchanging them. [Photo/The Star]

Opposition coalition NASA co-principal Musalia Mudavadi's communication director Kibisu Kabatesi has accused the outfit of being hypocritical.

In a detailed opinion editorial published with The Star Newspaper on Thursday, Kabatesi alluded to the recent grumbling within NASA over House leadership and distribution of EALA positions to coalition partners.

Kabatesi accused ODM of giving other NASA parties a raw deal, a move he termed as "suicidal."

"The domineering and exclusive cabal typical of a political party is an organisational stranger in coalitions. You can say ‘take a walk’ in the former, but not in a coalition unless you’re suicidal," he stated.

"Yet, the grumbling in the week over NASA’s sharing of positions in Parliament and EALA nominee shortlisting is a warning of a collision on political rocks unless greed and dirty tricks are tamed. ODM Coast MPs and ANC loudly protested being short-changed, discriminated against and excluded. ANC felt cheated when ODM donated an EALA seat to them together with an ODM applicant. The ANC fraternity felt ridiculed and didn’t hide its anger," he added.

He further accused ODM, of making crucial decisions without consulting other coalition partners.

"The fiasco has exposed yawning fault lines; a clique making decisions outside the structures of the coalition partners’ organs and agreement," he said.

"NASA must walk the talk when faulting Jubilee’s lack of inclusivity, equity and respect. These are dear values in the NASA Agreement that should depict the coalition’s finesse in consultative leadership," he added.

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