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Mutahi Ngunyi slams Igathe

Kelvin Kabingu

Political Analyst Prof.Mutahi Ngunyi[Courtsey]

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has slammed Nairobi deputy governor Polycarp Igathe following  his resignition citing lack of trust between him  and Governor Mike Sonko.

“The currency of politics is not trust. It is common interests. Trust is for girls, if you are a boy. Polycarp should not have asked for Sonko’s trust. Sonko is not a Girl.He is a th*g” tweeted Mr Ngunyi.

Kenyans took to his Twitter post to express mixed reactions over his message, with some differing with his school of thought, while others agreeing with him.

Mr Igathe took Kenyans by surprise after having an interview on NTV earlier on Friday with Mark Masai. During his interview with Mark Masai, Igathe never disclosed his intentions.

“Dear Nairobians, it is with a heavy heart that I resign my seat as elected Deputy Governor of Nairobi City County effective 1pm on 31st Jan 2018. I regret I have failed to earn the trust of the Governor to enable me to drive Admin & Management of the county,” tweeted Mr Igathe

Kenyans got wild after Ngunyi's tweet.Here are some of the reactions.

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