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Myths about oral sex

Sam Munyaka
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Oral sex is a type of sex that most sexual partners loathe. However, some people indulge in oral sex to please their better halves. 

Here are the myths about oral sex you need to know

Oral sex can make you pregnant

Not true at all. You can only be pregnant through vaginal sex. Pregnancy occurs when the male and female gametes fuse. You are therefore advised to banish this thought. 

Oral sex is entirely safe

Some people believe that they cannot be diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases after having an oral sex which is not the case. If your sexual partner is not in good shape then it is a guarantee that you be infected by STDs. The viruses like HPV usually penetrate into the mucosa membrane of the mouth which are the causative agents of STDs. 

You can never have an orgasm through oral sex

Oral sex is a form of sex that can make a woman or a man have orgasms. Usually, orgasm occurs when the erogenous zone is stimulated and this is what oral sex does. 

Oral sex is unhygienic

Of course, oral sex can be unhygienic if you are having with multiple partners simultaneously. However, it is only hygienic when having with a partner who you trust him or her so much. 

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