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Nakuru hustler becomes millionaire after bet win

Pristone Mambili
Stephen Gitahi, who is Nakuru's newest millionaire. [Photo/Pristone Mambili]

Stephen Gitahi Wamae, a hand cart operator from Langalanga estate in Nakuru, is the new kid in town after winning one million from

The latest millionaire in Nakuru town was was handed his dummy cheque on Wednesday amidst joy and jubilation from relatives, friends and neighbours.

The soft spoken Gitahi said it was a miracle come true.

“I was confused as I  never thought I could win within a short time since I was only three months into the betting game,” he said.

Gitahi said his workmates considered him a fool for daring to bet using his hard-earned cash.

“I will offer 10% of the cash to the church before I plan and make a good investment from the remaining cash,” he said.

The hustler encouraged people to try their luck.

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