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NASA's post-election statement

Dickens Luvanda

NASA conveners Senators James Orengo and Johnston Muthama address the press, August 12, 2017. [Photo|the-star]

The National Super Alliance addressed the press, following cases of violence and protests being experienced in scattered areas of the country.

Below is the statement.


"Nairobi 12th August, 2017.

We reiterate our total rejection of the sham presidential results announced yesterday.

We know for a fact that the Cabinet Secretary for Interior Fred Matiangi and the Police command had agreed on a shoot to kill response to protests by NASA supporters following the announcement of sham election results.

At least 100 people have been killed, 10 of them children. The Police has also ferried bodies away in body bags to hide evidence of unfolding brutality.

The violence being meted out on these defenceless citizens in their residential neighbourhoods is intended to subjugate the will of the people and NASA into submission.

We will not be cowed. We will not relent.

We wish to remind Secretary Matiangi Police Inspector General Boinnet, his deputies and the responsible police commanders, they are personally responsible for these violations of both Kenyan and international human rights law.

Fellow Kenyans, Uhuru Kenyatta does not have an electoral mandate to be the president of Kenyans.

We wish to assure the people that we have the will, the determination and the means to make sure your vote will count. We shall do so. The culture of stealing elections with impunity every five years must end.

The NASA leadership will communicate our next course of action at the appropriate time.

For now we appeal to our supporters and Kenyans at large to stay out of harm’s way.

Senator Johnson Muthama

Senator James Orengo

Co- Chairs NASA Coalition."

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