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Nyakinyua primary still feeling the scars of Solai Dam tragedy

Pristone Mambili
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Pupils under a tent at Solai Nyakinyua primary school in Solai. [Photo/Pristone Mambili]

Solai Nyakinyua Primary school is still coming to terms with the effects of the Solai Dam tragedy that claimed 47 lives and left scores injured.

According to the school headteacher Mr James Wanjohi, the school situated at Energy village that was swept by the Solai dam water, is still feeling the scars as a section of classrooms as well as the latrines were swept away.

He says they have been forced to improvise temporary latrines for the girls and boys as well as those of the staff at the school.

Some pupils at the school are also forced to study under a tent that was given by a church.

Wanjohi adds that the situation of the latrines is pathetic as the water table in the area has risen and the temporary latrines that were put up are almost filled with water.

He called on the government to intervene before another disaster strikes.

“We have got a tent that we received from CITAM just to assist us before we get classrooms. On the issue of latrines we put up temporary latrines to assist us but the rising water table has seen them filled with water and therefore unfit. We hope the government will intervene,” he said. 

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