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Nyamweya speaks tough on referees taking bribes

Kevin Ondimu
Former FKF President Sam Nyamweya. [Photo/Nation]

Former FKF President Sam Nyamweya has said that rogue referees who take bribes must be banned for life from participating in games.

Nyamweya, during an interview at Royal Media’s Citizen TV on Wednesday, said referees should maintain high levels of integrity while on duty.

“Referees who take bribes must be banned for life from participating in games for the sake of improving football in this country. 

"It is time FKF leadership must wake up and ensure referees are not bribed to favor teams while they are officiating games,” he said. 

He urged referees to official games fairly and transparently without favoring any side.

Nyamweya faulted FKF president Nick Mwendwa for failed to improve football in this country after he handed over power to him. 

“Football management has gone from bad to worse in this country. I thought Mwendwa was to improve the state of football in this country but he has spoilt it completely,” he added. 

He assured that he is still interested in football matters in this country to ensure local youths who have talents in football are nurtured to play for international teams. 

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