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ODM governor in trouble as MCAs demand apology

Khalif Salah Rage
Tana River Governor Dhadho Godhana. [Photo/]

Tana River Governor Dhadho Godhana has sensationally called on religious leaders and traditional healers to cast out demons of tribalism that have plagued the county assembly.

The county boss made the remarks at Mnazini on Sunday, where he had visited residents displaced by the recent deluge.

 "In that assembly, there is a devil at work and it seems to be working so hard. I, therefore, call on all clerics and traditional healers to go to the county assembly and get rid of the demon," he said.

He said the devil was working hard to divert the attention of the county assembly from transacting imperative issues. 

However, the sentiments of the governor did not go down well with a section of MCAs who accused the county boss of being disrespectful to them.

Led by the majority leader, Mr. Adamo, the MCAs condemned the governor's sentiments, saying they are derogatory to the members of the assembly thus will not take them lightly.

"Those statements are unfortunate and derogatory and we will not take them lightly. It is not fair and it demeans the image of the county assembly," said the majority leader.

They have given him seven days to apologise lest they will initiate legal action on him.

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