Kisii County Governor James Ongwae has been accused of sidelining Non-Governmental Organisations in his administration.

NGO's founders and officials led by Sacred Centre for orphan and widows chairman Sam Nyandoro who was speaking at Gotichaki, South Mugirango they said that they should be involved in decision making.

“NGOs are playing important roles in the society especially in helping youths to get jobs, supplying free sanitary towels to girls among other things. Governor Ongwae and his Deputy Joash Maangi should not ignore NGOs in their government,” said Nyandoro.

He said that NGOs were on the forefront in fighting for the rights of the disadvantaged in society.

 “Many people have been helped financially to start small businesses to earn a living by the same NGOs being ignored by the county government of Kisii. We are dedicated to helping more people who struggle with poverty in the society to venture into small business activities which will help them earn a living,” he added.

 He challenged Governor Ongwae to involve all stakeholders when making development decisions in the county for the sake of ending wrangles when launching and initiating development projects.