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Ouko queries legality of police insurance fund

Joseph Omollo

Auditor General Edward Ouko. [Photo/]

Auditor-General Edward Ouko has queried the payment of Sh3.5 billion for police insurance.

The office cannot ascertain weather the payments were lawful or not.

The money was paid to a private company to provide comprehensive group life insurance cover for police officers under contract NPS/002/2014/2015.

Ouko notes in his report that unsatisfactory matters were reported on the irregular payment of the amount, arising from the unexplained irregular award of the contract.

“In view of the forgoing, I am not able to confirm that the payment was lawful and effective as required by the Constitution.

"The State department of Interior did not avail payment voucher no. 391 for Sh147.2 million together with assessment report on the performance of the insurance,” Mr Ouko said.

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