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PCEA church ordered to pay former MP Sh4.5 million

Kevin Okumu
Kenyan money.[Photo/hustleyetu]

The Presbyterian Church of East Africa in Uthiru, Kiambu County has been ordered to pay former Nyeri Town MP Wanyiri Kihoro Ksh.4.5 million.

The money will be compensation for illegally occupying his land for over 30 years.

The church was also ordered to demolish its structures within the land in the next 90 days.

High Court Judge Elijah Obaga ruled that the church was illegally occupying the land which initially belonged to Kihoro’s wife, Dr. Wanjiru Kihoro.

He ruled that the church has no basis remaining on the land since it had failed to demonstrate that it met the statutory threshold to claim ownership.

Kihoro had argued that PCEA (Uthiru Church) had illegally taken possession of the land and built a worship centre on it claiming they are the beneficiaries of his late wife.

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