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Photos land Duale in 'trouble'

Ramaphosa Kwayera
Garissa Township Member of Parliament and House Leader of the Majority Aden Duale with Saudi Arabia's Foreign Affairs Minister. [Photo/]

Garissa Township Member of Parliament and Leader of the Majority in the National Assembly, Aden Duale, came under fire last week after posting photos of his meeting with Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir.

Scores of social media users fired salvos at him over what they called his failure to address the mistreatment of Kenyans working in the kingdom.

For some time the Kenyan media has been awash with reports of Kenyan citizens being subjected to torture and slavery in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries and social media users somehow hoped that he would raise the issue with Mr Adel Al Jubeir.

Here are some of the comments on the photos:

''Talk of strong bilateral talks, maybe you should be questioning those useless people why they're subjecting kenyans to torture and servitude in their countries against our constitution.'' George Muriithi fired.

An angry Abu Mujahid seethed,''55000 slaves that have NO one to talk for ? You should be telling us also on the agreement signed between you on the right of those suffering Kenyans.''

Mohammed Warsame was curious, he asked, ''Muhe have you discussed with Saudi Foreign Minister about the mistreatment of Kenyan workers in his country?''

Hassan Arale was less brutal, he said,''Guys look the positive side of it.hi maneno ya slave issue is a personal choice you can opt to go or kujipanga.''

Duale's visit in the Kingdom alongside other leaders was aimed at strengthening the bilateral relations between the two countries.

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