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Prostitutes send request to county government

Wycliffe Mongare

Twilight girls. [Photo/The Star]

Prostitutes in Kisii county have now urged Governor James Ongwae to legalise prostitution in the town and stop harassing.

According to the prostitutes, they have been making money that supports the county government’s development and there is no need for the police to keep harassing them during their business hours.

Speaking to the press they said that they are ready to pay taxes to the county government of Kisii if only they are given designated streets where they can operate at and the county government should recognise them as part of the community.

“We want Kisii county government to legalise prostitution as that will see them get a higher income in terms of tax, we are ready to work with

 them as long as they stop harassing us and using excessive force,

” said Liz Nyanchera, one of the twilight girls.

Their sentiments come at a time when the kisii county government recently said that they are in the process of developing measures to curb the rising prostitution is some major streets of Kisii.

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