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Raila asks state to compensate families of slain supporters

David Rakewa

NASA leader Raila Odinga [Photo/]

NASA leader Raila Odinga has said that the the families of Kenyans who lost their lives due to police brutality must be compensated by the state.

The NASA boss said the police were ordered by the state to kill his supporters who he says were demanding for their constitutional rights.

Through a tweet on Thursday, Odinga also said that Jubilee's harsh plans and practices to bring them (Opposition) down and hold on to power will not deter their quest for justice.

"The excesses being employed by the illegitimate Jubilee regime in a bid to hold on to power without the people's mandate will not deter us from our quest for justice. The families of young lives lost as a result of extrajudicial killings must be compensated by the State," Odinga tweeted.

He further urged those advising Kenyans to also call out on the people responsible for the death of his innocent supporters.

"Those busy condescendly giving Kenyans advice should in the same breath call out those responsible for these deaths. May their souls rest in peace. We shall do all it takes to ensure that their deaths will not have been in vain and that justice is served," Odinga concluded.

Plans to swear in Odinga on 12 December are still underway even after the US called upon Odinga not to swear himself in as this would send him to the ICC or face travel ban.

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