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Raila's 'daughter' speaks on her eviction from assembly

T. M Banda
Ms Irene Mayaka (center) after being sworn in. [Photo/]

Daughter's of Raila lobby group coordinator Irene Mayaka now says she is confident of winning a petition challenging her nomination to Nyamira County Assembly.

In yet another twist of events, the High Court sitting in Kisii issued temporary orders barring her from attending assembly proceedings, a week after she was sworn in.

"The truth was manifested in Law Courts and there is no doubt we shall shame the devil in the higher court," she said in an interview on Tuesday.

The ODM representative added: "The petitioner was found culpable of violating the party rules and she remains a stranger. I will not give up."

Interestingly, Ms Mayaka has a full backing of the ODM party against her challenger, one Damaris Mouni, who the party accuses of using 'backdoor; to get a nomination.

Last week, a Magistrate sitting in Nyamira ordered found that Ms Mouni had irregularly got a nomination, further finding IEBC culpable in a criminal offence.

So complicated is the matter that Ms Mayaka has not wait longer to be cleared by the court after her competitor appealed the decision of throwing her out of the assembly.

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