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Raila's fellow Moi detainee asks him to 'retreat from illegal swearing-in'

Ndung'u Wa Gathua.
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 NASA leader Raila Odinga. [Photo|]

Veteran politician Koigi Wamwere has written an open letter to Nasa leader Raila Odinga terming him as 'brother' with whom they share a common vision of change and democracy 'that we struggled for'.


Koigi admits in the letter that as they struggled for change, there are others who struggled for the 'status quo and even dictatorship'.


Unfortunately, Koigi regrets, their struggles for electoral power with which to actualise their vision and convictions, have been only been partially successful.


"In pursuance of that change and further reforms, you want to be sworn in as the fifth President of Kenya on December 12, though President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in on November 28.If you are sworn in, our dear land will have two presidents, two governments and will be in a state of war," Koigi says in the letter published by the Nation on Thursday.

He adds that Kenya will be in a state of war because no country can have two armies and have peace and 'no country can have two presidents and not be at war'.

With this in mind, Koigi then begs Raila to continue using peaceful, legal and constitutional means to acquire the presidency.

"After South Sudan became independent after a protracted war with the north, it formed a government of two armies, one commanded by President Salva Kiir and the other by Vice-President Riek Machar, a perfect recipe for the disaster and civil war raging now," Koigi notes.

He advises that only the situation of one president, however flawed, will deliver the stability and reforms that Kenya wants through a national dialogue.

"But this will not be possible without you retreating from being unconstitutionally and illegally sworn-in. Because President Kenyatta has already been declared validly elected by the IEBC and sworn in by the Supreme Court, grudgingly, we must work for the reforms we want under him," Koigi adds.

Koigi who joined ODM in the run-up to 2017 polls, concludes by reminding Raila that President Uhuru has invited him and other leaders to a national dialogue.

"It would not be cowardice but courage were you to accept this invitation and champion dialogue for electoral and other reforms. Before you take the grave matter of being sworn in, listen to as many voices as you can. It can help," he says.

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