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Reasons why you crave for sex during the cold season

Martin Gathura
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The weather condition has been proven to influence sex drive both men and women. However chilly weather conditions have been proven to more than likely induce sex than when temperatures are high.

 In this season you prefer to stay indoors unless circumstances dictate that you leave, therefore creating an enabling external and internal environment for love making. Here are a few reasons why you always want your partner next to you during the cold season otherwise known as the cuffing season:

There is a likelihood of depression during the cold season

Dr. Justin Lehmiller, a renowned sex, and psychology researcher and author depict serotonin neurotransmitters produced by our bodies with the aid from sunlight as one of the key contributors to our happiness.

 This hormone is produced in less amounts during winter thereby triggering the brain to crave for substitute ways of producing feel good hormones and that’s where the sex comes in handy due to feel good oxytocin hormone that is released during coitus.

Women bodies become more attractive during this period

According to, a study carried out in 2008 men tend to get more sexually excited when less skin is showed by women during winter as opposed to during to summer when women dress scantily. A little image of what is beneath is a key turn for men.

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