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Residents in fear as criminal activities rise in Kisumu

humphrey otieno
Aerial view of Nyalenda slum.[Photo/]

A section of Kisumu residents are living in fear after notorious gang groups started emerging in Nyalenda slum.

Speaking to a Hivisasa writer, an area resident noted that the gangs were majorly made up of young boys who terrorized local residents.

"These gangs are made up of young boys aged between 14-21 and are well known to the community but nothing can be done due to fear of being killed or even being raped for the women," the resident explained.

Some of the areas that have been identified by the residents ans notorious spots include; Kilo and Western where reports indicate that one can be robbed in broad daylight.

The residents are now requesting the Kisumu police to move in with speed and deal with the steady rising menace before they take matters into their own hands.

Addresing the way forward, 

Millicent Akinyi a resident of the area said: "Police need to be deployed to patrol the area at night and the county government of Kisumu under Governor Anyang' Nyong'o should employ more youth since an idle mind is a devils workshop.''

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