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Residents react after woman inserted fish into her genitals

Ramaphosa Kwayera
Jacinta Odhiambo. [Photo/]

Jacinta Adhiambo has been trending online after a salacious video emerged showing her inserting a fish into her private organs for sexual pleasure.

The reports have elicited a bewildering array of reactions from Kenyans, especially on social media.

The residents of Garissa have not been left behind in reacting to the raunchy video by the porn actress.

Here are some of their reactions:

''What she did is devilish and immoral! She should be charged with immorality and indecent exposure,'' Khalif Sukre said.

''I have not watched the video but I have heard about it. If its true then that's very unfortunate,'' Lydia Salo.

''That was very disgusting. How does someone in their right mind do that kind of thing,'' Abdi Karim wrote.

''Ezekiel Mutua should have her arrested for violating our laws,'' Dulo Karim said.

''I don't care what she does as long as she is not my sister,'' Medina  Sukre said.

''The Islamic religion which I profess is against that kind of immorality and indecency. She should ask Allah for forgiveness,'' Latif Karim said.

''Fish is for eating and not sexual pleasure,. That woman is sick in the head,'' Rege Juma said.

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