Retired President Daniel Moi and veteran opposition supremo Raila Odinga may have discussed 2022 succession politics, Sunday Nation has revealed.

While Raila insists that the Thursday's visit to Kabarak was informed by Moi's recent knee surgery in Israel, Tiaty MP William Kamket says otherwise.

"There are discussions to have Raila endorse Gideon Moiin 2022, I can tell you that," said the first term KANU MP, who was apparently present in the meeting.

Already, the meeting has irked political temperatures with DP William Ruto linking it to a proposed constitutional amendment that would see creating of more leadership posts.

Even though Ruto strongly believes that the meeting had to do with discussions on creation of PM post that would netralise presidency, a short video released communicates the contrary.

"People have not known what it means by unity. Unity between you and Uhuru is good for the country," Moi is heard telling Raila in a short video clip.

And Raila responds: "All of them are looking at 2022 and we didn't understand. We told them to bring the country together first."

Still, pundits believe that Kamket's Bill on constitutional amendment is on center stage, the reason why Ruto has vowed to viciously oppose any referendum to the effect.