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Revealed: Why Nyachae 'hates' Raila

Tirimba Obonyo
[Simon Nyachae in a past event. He has remained a top critic of Raila Odinga. Photo/Nation]

Ex-powerful minister Simeon Nyachae may be have retired from politics but remains an indispensable figure in Kenyan politics  albeit quietly.

Retired in 2007 following humiliating defeat to little known Robert Monda in Nyaribari Chache constituency, the former provincial commissioner remains one of few Kisiis to try presidency along with George Anyona.

But in the last three elections, Nyachae has openly rebuked Raila Odinga despite the two being residents of former Nyanza province.

"We shall not vote Raila and whoever votes him must be a confused person," he once told a crowd at Gusii stadium in 2013.

Historian Nyachieo Bogonko believes the feud may have been precipitated by events preceding 2002 presidential elections.

"Nyachae felt that Raila should have backed him in 2002 because they come from the same region. He still blames him for his lose," he says.

An energetic Raila played a major role in Mwai Kibaki's victory in 2002, an election where Nyache finished third.

Throughout the years, the senior politician who has since retired, has been giving counsel on political dynamic and President Uhuru Kenyatta is one of the beneficiary.

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