It is now becoming so obvious that many Kenyans are eyeing to support different countries outside the continent of Africa in the World Cup competition. 

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With the biggest football bonanza set to kick off today, June 14, Kenyans have already started taking sides.

From my observation, I have encountered my friends convincing each other to join their league of supporters to a close of altercating verbally. 

To my surprise, I have heard none of the saying he or she will be supporting Nigeria, Senegal or Egypt; not one! 

Everybody has got poignant reasons why he or she will be supporting the team he or she has already decided on. 

For instance, those supporting Brazil will say, "There is Jesus, Marcelo, Casemiro and the most talented Neymar Junior!" Okay, it's one's choice and right but why can't we support or be behind our African teams? 

To some extent, I even think that if Kenya would make it to these competitions, then, some or rather a good number of the Kenyan citizens will still be supporting Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Germany et cetera. 

We are all Africans, does it mean if Morocco beats Portugal we feel bad just because we are supporting Portugal? 

Anyway, it is everyone's choice to decide on which team to support. And by the way, there are those amongst us who don't know what is World Cup up to now! 

You just can't convince them because they are not interested in football.