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Safety measures that can be taken by Nyamira people in this rainy season

Jasmine Die'rre
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People on the road during raining season.[photo caption/family radio]

As we all know, different parts of Kenya is facing the rainy season that has brought about counted loses. For Nyamira people, there are measures which can be taken so that everyone can be safe to endure this season.

Here are some of the precaution that can be taken by Nyamira people to be safe.

Put on heavy clothes:

During this rainy season, the cold that is being faced is so much than ever felt. Therefore, it is advisable for every citizen of Nyamira County to consider putting on heavy clothes so that they cannot get sick due to the cold.

Always walk with an umbrella:

Predicting the time on when the rain will fall in this season is very tricky. For this reason, it is advisable that everyone to at least consider carrying an umbrella when going for a walk to avoid being rained on.

Sleep under mosquito net:

When it comes to mosquitoes, then you should be a way that this is their season. For this case, to avoid the spreading of malaria, people should at least try to sleep under a treated mosquito net where they can be safe from getting malaria.

Avoid massive moving water:

As speculated in other parts of the country, moving water has carried various numbers vehicles, animals and also destroying people’s food. Therefore, people in Nyamira County should try as much as possible to avoid getting close to moving water which might result in their death.

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