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Salim Lone explains how Kenyans will benefit if Raila is sworn-in

Machuma S. Metrine

ODM party leader Raila Odinga taking an oath of office [Photo/]

Raila Odinga’s advisor Salim Lone says that Raila’s planned swearing in will give Kenyans hope for electoral reforms as well as economic justice. 

Through a statement on Wednesday 6, Lone stated that Raila is and has always been ready to dialogue.

"Raila’s swearing-in will help prevent further polarization by giving Kenyans hope for electoral justice that was denied them, under a genuinely independent IEBC. It will also give new impetus for the People’s Assembly to guide county assemblies in urgently addressing a number of pressing economic and justice issues that will provide material benefits to our people," Lone said through the statement.

The advisor to Odinga blamed the current stalemate on the unwillingness by the other parties not to engage in constructive dialogue that could help Kenya have honest polls.

"There was no interest in dialogue nor in holding an honest election. He has repeatedly indicated his willingness to enter into dialogue, even now, if it is held between equals as was done in 2008 between a sworn-in President Kibaki and Raila," part of the statement reads.

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