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Sex workers collude with thugs to commit crime in Mlolongo

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Trucks parked along Nairobi - Mombasa Highway at Mlolongo town in Machakos County on Saturday January 13, 2018. Their drivers are the major clients of the commercial sex workers operating in towns along Mombasa Road including Mlolongo town.(Photo/MAUGO OWITI)

Men who seek services of commercial sex workers should be careful when they get to Mlolongo’s 'Heshima' street to quench their thirst.

Independent investigations conducted by this writer for close to two weeks revealed several men are smuggled on the street but they do not report.

“We are aware of the operations of some of the prostitutes in Mlolongo, some are criminals while others honestly depend on selling their bodies to earn livelihoods,” said a police source.

The source who confided to this writer said victims who get attacked by commercial sex workers hardly report the incidences to police. He said those robbed whenever they seek the services shy away thereby making the women take advantage. Terry Kinoti (not her real name), a sex worker in Mlolongo town confirmed the allegations.

She said sex workers have bouncers of two types.

According to Kinoti, innocent women in the trade pay the hired goons to protect them from harm by their clients. Kinoti said the women always alert the bouncers whenever they were going to serve new clients, those not familiar to them.

She said the bouncers rescue them when abused by the rogue customers, “at times some men assault us, they refuse to pay after we have served them.” The woman said in such situations, the bouncers help them sort the men out by disciplining them and ensuring they are paid their money.

Kinoti said other women use their bouncers to rob their clients. She said the sex workers alert their bouncers who are usually thugs whenever they meet suspiciously rich clients.

He also noted that the culprits storm into the ‘merry-making’ shanties, grab the customers, strip them naked robbing them all their belonging.

She said they target cash, phones, wrist watches, expensive clothes and shoes. “They disappear into the dark once they rob the customers,” said Kinoti adding that the sex workers share the loot with the thugs (bouncers).

Men are therefore warned to be aware of the consequences of seeking such illicit, immoral and demeaning sexual services. 

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