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Signs men use to judge if a woman is good in bed

Pythie Meja
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A man and his woman [Photo/MadameNoire]

Most Kenyans if not all are aware judging others is a sin. The holy books rebuke judging others so that the same is not applied to us, and in equal measurements. But that does not stop men and women from judging others, especially when it comes to sex and lifestyle.

It's not completely strange to imagine how someone that you have a romantic interest in would be if you ever had the chance to get in bed with them. We've all done it. 

The following are signs men use to tell if she is good in bed or an underdog 

Judging by her lips

All men will agree lips demand attention as one of the sexiest attributes women have. When people think of lips they think of kissing, which could lead to other stuff including sex. Men base on lips to tell if a woman is good in bed. 

Walking style

If she has a sexy walk with sexy strut is enough to get any man's attention, but there is a walk with just the right combination of twist, hip action, and jiggle that will drive any man wild and make them death sure she is good in bed.

Her figure

She has a curvy figure then she must be so romantic and good in bed. There has been a long-running assumption that women with curvy figures are more promiscuous. Whether or not that is 100 percent true remains to be seen. Most Kenyan men will tell you Vera Sidika is best in bed, for this reason, the curves.

Dancing moves 

If she dominates the dance floor by commanding everyone's attention with her smooth moves, then she can do the very same in bed. If she can shake it like that in the club, imagine what will go down in the bedroom.

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