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SK Macharia recalls how Matiba helped him in touching tribute

Oketch Joel
The late Kenneth Matiba.[Photo/]

It is with deep sorrow that I received the news of the passing of Mr. Kenneth Matiba, a champion of the struggle for multi-party democracy in Kenya.

My family and I (foremost) and the Royal Media fraternity would like to send our deepest condolences to Mr. Matiba’s family at this difficult time.

Kenneth Matiba was a close personal and family friend. His father was my teacher in primary school and I maintained close contact with Mr. Matiba over the years.

During the crises revolving around my company, Madhupaper International, I sought and received invaluable support and encouragement from Mr. Matiba who was the Minister for Culture and Social Services then. 

I admired, as others did, his success in business.Mr. Matiba’s unwavering dedication to democracy and the rule of law had a profound impact on Kenya’s political destiny.

He has passed on not because of natural causes but as a result of punishment received in efforts to make Kenya a democratic state and be free and free from any form of dictatorship. He has accomplished his part well.

Kenyans, I included, will miss him dearly.May God keep his soul at His side.

SK Macharia

Chairman, Royal Media Services

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